Filewave’s centralized Apple management solution makes deploying and configuring Apple TVs easy and intuitive. Our tool helps your IT team save time and money.

Apple TV represents a seamless experience for businesses and schools looking to create engaging environments. These turnkey conference room and classroom devices require their own management strategy for ensuring proper configuration and security. FileWave provides the tools needed to secure all Apple devices around the globe.

Need to manage Apple TVs? FileWave's MDM tools make Apple tvOS management faster and more effective.

Smart technology deserves smarter management solutions. For Apple TV, FileWave is the leading solution. By providing full lifecycle management solutions across the Apple ecosystem including provisioning and deployment, software distribution, patch management, remote user support, geolocation, and more, IT administrators can easily manage tvOS from anywhere. With a historical commitment to Apple management excellence, FileWave is the easy choice for Apple IT Admins worldwide.

Zero Touch Deployment

Track your devices, monitor network connections, generate reports, and make informed decisions about your entire device environment.

Turnkey Integrations

Manage Apple’s Deployment Programs from FileWave to create a seamless user experience. Automatically enroll new devices from Day 1. 

Distribute Software Remotely

Remotely distribute software to enable end user productivity from anywhere in the world. Target devices via custom fields, Smart Groups, and other highly segmented criteria. 

Remote User Support

Control user devices from anywhere around the world, regardless of firewalls or other security settings. Implement fixes remotely, without having to talk through technical processes.

Easily manage your tvOS devices alongside your full Apple environment with FileWave.

By combining the management of macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS devices in a single solution, FileWave can fully leverage Apple’s cross-platform frameworks, such as Apple Deployment Programs or Volume Purchase Program, efficiently provisioning based on users and roles, rather than by isolated device types; computer only, or mobile device only. Our full suite of functions empowers IT administrators to complete essential work from any location.  

With over 25 years of Apple experience, FileWave offers a well-established, native solution for managing Apple devices. Unlike Windows management tools that have added token Mac management capabilities, our commitment to supporting Apple means our product is designed to fully leverage the newest management frameworks. This native Apple management approach continues to be a driving factor – ensuring complete support for Apple’s systems.

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