Global customers rely on FileWave to centrally manage software distribution to remote offices and employees. We make software distribution easy - no matter where you are.

Make software distribution simple with FileWave. Empower remote workers with the capability to deliver software, apps, and more from anywhere, while saving your IT team’s valuable time. Control every aspect of your environment and increase performance, productivity and efficiency for your organization and end users. 

Push software, applications, documents, updates and more to devices from anywhere in the world with FileWave's software distribution & payload management.

Install apps and keep your devices updated remotely with FileWave’s modern solutions that allow you to focus your time where it matters. Our management suite makes software distribution simple by allowing you to automate planning, packaging, and self-healing, all from one convenient platform. Make your own rules by easily defining what software and apps to install on which devices, and increase productivity for your IT team and end-users.

Customized Payload Delivery

Define what applications are installed or upgraded under what conditions using Windows MSI, Apple PKG, or custom file packages.

Multi-Platform Management

Oversee your device environment from one convenient dashboard. Save time and money with the only tool that does it all.

Distribution Anywhere, Anytime

Distribute software across networks, firewalls,  NAT configurations, and other security settings to enable remote productivity from anywhere in the world. 

Self-Healing Technology

Use smart groups to ensure applications are not accidentally or maliciously removed and make file repairs and reinstallations automatically.

Distribute software effectively, empower user productivity, troubleshoot devices, and more from one convenient tool.

Employee device choice isn’t just a trend – it’s the new normal. For large organizations with a blended device environment, using multiple tools to achieve one outcome wastes time and money. Distributing software across all major OS platforms quickly and efficiently is essential for IT operations. FileWave brings management of macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, iPadOS, tvOS, and ChromeOS devices into one convenient tool to optimize your management practices.

Time is one of the most valuable assets in an IT department. Save money by saving time with a flexible solution that allows you to control all your environment’s assets with an easy-to-use dashboard. Empower end users and streamline solutions by using a customized Self-Service Kiosk to pre-approve software based on user groups. FileWave that enables you to effectively automate app installations, updates, and customize conditions to maximize productivity.

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